The project

A collective time machine to explore Shanghai

This project is the documentation of errands and wanderings around the transforming Shanghai neighboroods, using photography, with the aim of storytelling the transition of people, communities and environment.
We are collecting our materials and stories and produce visual shows which can inspire citizens of all over to love more the city where they live.
We naimed the project after the most iconical Shanghai neighborood, but we are open in our exploration to every single corner of the city where life, culture, and memories thrive.

We are open to collaboration about collective walks and more exhibitions, both with restored and original materials. Welcome to get in touch.

Show #1

wujiaochang creativity space
february 12th to march 10
daily 10AM to 6PM
二月12日到三月10日 每天上午10点到下午6点

This exhibition is a time machine back and forward into Shanghai’s continuous change and mutation. Through our wandering among the architecture that continually transforms, disappears and emerges, we explore the blurry line between past, and future. We were lucky enough to find original photographic materials which we present in this show as a dialogue between analogue and digital. Old films, and negatives that have been brought back to life. Faded portraits which we re-animated through scanning and enlargement. We are grateful to the city that offered us such a discovery, and we are pleased to share it with all of you to suggest a slow, enchanted outlook of the wonderful environment in which we live in, and its creatures, which reminds us that between the dance of past and future the only thing that matters is now.

关于展览 本次展览是一个时光机,来去在不断变化和突变的上海之间。我们在消失又出现的建筑中徘徊,探索过去和未来之间的模糊界限。我们很幸运地找到了我们在这个展览中呈现的原始摄影材料,将它作为模拟和数字之间的对话。 一些旧电影,以及已经复活的底片。还有我们重新扫描和放大褪色的肖像。 我们很高兴城市为我们提供这些发现,并且很开心能与大家分享放慢脚步的建议,我们和所有 生物生活迷人美妙的环境里,它提醒我们在过去和未来唯一重要的是现在。